Monday, May 17, 2010

Beginning of the 16 Hour Day.

Let’s skip the story as to why I work three part-time jobs, the nightly news tells me that I am not alone. The boss from one job has been riding me because he is under duress himself. I know this and I put up with it since family works both ways. A headache of a long story afterwards I resolve today’s issue to get back to my other job.

I am happy to have enough work, at times too much work. I reflected on a recent story about Governor Paterson grumbling about not giving his staff raises ( His defense was that his aides took on additional responsibilities and/or were promoted. I am not so happy anymore.

Start with the taxes on my grandpa’s Ensure. No lie, check the ingredients A sugared beverage means taxed beverage! Then mix in complaints about no being able to pay off his cronies with my money by his boss. Commissioner Daines isn’t defending a government health policy but a public fleecing initiative.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Will the South blame the Yankees again?

In our nations capitol, the city government is considering a beverage tax.

Please alert your friends in Virginia, Maryland, Delaware and of course Washington, D.C. that bad news travels only slightly faster then bad ideas.